Declaration of continuation We will not yield to unjustified attacks!

Thank you so much for your interest in our “Non-Free Expression Exhibition in Tokyo”.
The “Non-Free Expression Exhibition” aims to restore the rights and dignity of the “erased things” by collecting works of art that have been deprived of the opportunity to express themselves in public facilities and spaces. This exhibition was held in Tokyo in 2015 and in 2019, the Aichi Triennale, and we have been invited by Korea (Jeju 4.3 Peace Park) and Taiwan (Taipei City Museum of Contemporary Art).
In Taiwan, the exhibition attracted 15,000 visitors.
This year, 2021, starting with the Tokyo exhibition, it will be held in Nagoya, Osaka, and other cities.F

In order to hold the exhibition in Tokyo again, we had a careful meeting with the local Ushigome police station and made every effort to ensure that the exhibition would be held safely. However, the gallery was deeply damaged by unjustified attacks using streetcars and loudspeakers.
We strongly protest against any attempt to deprive the opportunity for expression with violent attacks. And most importantly, we would like to ask people to come and see the exhibition because it is a valuable opportunity to feel the work and the social background from the scene where there is “censorship”.
Here, we declare the following:

1.We will not succumb to unjustified attacks.

We just want to hold the exhibition peacefully and let the visitors enjoy the works without worry. We will not tolerate any behavior that disturbs the neighborhood, such as using loud noises or blocking narrow streets with cars. In the future, if there are any excessive or criminal attacks against the organizing committee, the venue, the artists, or the audience, we will consider resolute measures, including criminal accusations, prosecution, and other legal procedures. We declare that we will continue to fight against unjustified attacks in our own way.

2.We will protect the gallery and its surroundings as a place of expression.

The gallery was attacked by streetcars and other vehicles, which interfered with the gallery’s business and interfered with the gallery’s daily life as it also serves as a residence. The police were unable to prevent the attacks, and the gallery decided that it could not continue to rent the venue as planned. After receiving this request and discussing it with the gallery, we were forced to make a difficult decision. Although it was sudden, we informed the artists as much as possible and held discussions with them, but in the end, despite the severe criticism, they accepted that the only way to hold the exhibition without succumbing to unjustified attacks was to change the venue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to the artists. As for the new venue, we are not able to provide any details at this time. The duration of the exhibition is also under adjustment.

3.Maximum guarantee of your rights

There are already more than 550 people who have reserved or purchased tickets to see the exhibition at the gallery. The organizers would like to apologize for the sudden change of venue for this exhibition to those who have applied. While the gallery has been attacked, we have received many messages of encouragement from many people. As of yesterday, the number of messages we have received has surpassed the number of disturbing messages. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been so thoughtful in our efforts. We are discussing and considering how we can realize the “Non-Freedom of Expression Exhibition” while guaranteeing the “right to view the exhibition” of those who have made reservations. Please note that due to the fact that some of the dates are already full, we will be closing reservations at this time.
We will be in touch with you soon with more details, and we would like to ask for your continued support so that the “Non-Free Expression Exhibition” can be held successfully. We will announce the details of the exhibition schedule, venue, ticket purchase, etc. on the official website and SNS of the “Non-Free Expression Exhibition” as soon as possible.
June 10, 2021

Non-Free Expression Exhibition Tokyo Executive Committee @hyougen_fujiyu fujiyuten21